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History of Truth On The Air

Starting on a radio station in Jackson Tennessee in 1945 the Christian radio program"Truth On The Air" has been heard from radio stations in TN., AL., MS., AR., MO., and TX.




At this time it is airing on WZLT FM 99.3 Lexington, TN. every Sunday morning at 8:30 A.M., It was first broadcast on July 4th 1954. Truth On The Air is the longest running program on the Lexington station as it continues today.

Old RadioW.A. Moody began Truth on the Air in 1945


The article below is from The News Leader Parsons, TN.

Speaking the Truth with Moody

LaVaughn Moody and David Moody

LaVaughn Moody (left) is pictured with his son David who is currently pastor of Prosperity Baptist Church in Auburntown, TN.

Sunday January 16th, 2010 marks 65 years of gospel radio

By Franie Conway

LaVaughn Moody was nine years old the first time he heard his fathers voice on the radio. Sixty five years later, he carries on the tradition of "Truth on the Air" by following in the footsteps of his hero, W.A. Moody.

In 1945, life in Decatur County was based around radio programs and church services. W.A. Moody combined the two by creating one of Decatur County's first gospel programs. Aired out of Jackson, the 30 minute segment could be heard every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m.

W. A. MoodyW. A. Moody began one of Parsons first radio programs "Truth On The Air" on January 17th, 1945. The program now hosted by LaVaughn Moody will celebrate it's 65th anniversary this Sunday.

Moody remembers riding to Jackson with his father every Saturday to pick up a different singing group for the show. If the weather was nice, W.A. Moody would preach in the middle of town while Decatur County citizens shopped.

"I remember there were mazes of people," Moody said. His father carried a pop out organ and the singing group would entertain the citizens with gospel music before and after the sermon. Sometimes, when a singing group was not available, Moody was allowed to operate the record player with gospel music.

According to Moody, church services were a little different during the 40's. Instead of attending church in large assemblies, citizens held their own services in tiny little churches complete with wooden benches and no air conditioning. There were no youth groups or children activities, just your classic Sunday morning service followed by Sunday dinner.

As the son of a preacher, Moody was a member of a variety of churches because his father pastored several. At one point, W.A. Moody was the pastor of seven different churches, operating each on a quarterly basis.

Moody was 15 when his family relocated to Arkansas in 1951. It was here that he met his wife, Jo Ann, and the two married in 1957. In the early 1960's, Moody decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and preach the word of God.

Moody moved back to Decatur County in 1967 and pastored Bible Hill Baptist Church until 1970. He then preached in Lobelville for 15 years and pastored Decaturville First Baptist for 12 years. Moody currently preaches at Crossroads Baptist Church.

Moody took over his fathers radio program in 1966 and can be heard on 99.3, out of Lexington, every Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. According to Moody, the beauty of operating a gospel program lies in the sermons of long ago. When creating his sermons, he regularly references his fathers recordings and often treats his listeners to sermons from years past.

Although W.A. Moody recorded most of his sermons live, he began recording them on tape recorders in the mid 1950's. These days, Moody records his sermons onto a CD at home and sends them to the radio station.

Moody and his wife have one son and one daughter, David Moody and Rhonda Drew. David recently decided to carry on his family lineage by becoming a pastor in Cannon County.

"Truth on the Air" is the longest running gospel radio program in Lexington. The program has been heard in Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas. Moody will celebrate the programs 65 year anniversary January 16th by airing sermons from three generations of Moody's, including W.A. Moody, LaVaughn Moody and David Moody.

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W. A. MoodyW. A. Moody once pastored 7 Decatur County churches at once. His radio program "Truth On The Air" has been heard in Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.

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